CALDWELL GROUP has a vision of an industrially developed and well-established Bangladesh in the trade and commerce sector that is capable of competing in the global market arena. Our involvement in business sectors (that includes Real Estate and Housing, International Commodity Trade, Information and Communications Technology, and Infrastructure development). This is the extension of our belief in seeing a country that both meets its basic needs. We are on the track of achieving a sustainable rate of growth and progress by adopting new technology and its application as well as investing in new methods and business concepts. We believe in and maintain standards and set benchmarks in every sphere of business activity.


The mission of CALDWELL GROUP is to provide excellence and quality through innovation, integrity, and a forward-thinking approach to achieve goals and materialize aspirations. We live by this every day, engaging with diversity, utilizing technology and innovation through collaboration to enhance industry standards and be the driving force to promote, develop and advocate for successful business operations within the local and international spectrum, enrich the lives of all our stakeholders through an innovative and dedicated pursuit of business ventures that produces the highest quality of products and services.